A literate roleplay that gives you the chance to enter life as a half-blood, satyr, or dryad and train to fight monsters and defeat Kronus.
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 Minor God's Behold

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PostSubject: Minor God's Behold   Minor God's Behold EmptyThu 25 Nov 2010, 10:36 pm

Colby walked into the cabin and didn't make it far before she collpased on a large single bunk, her raven hair fell to the side some really hanging off the bed, her hair was just super long. She feebly ran a hand through the stands and pulled crawled under the sheets and fell asleep, the sun's gloden rays bouced off her pale skin. After a hour or so she awoke to an odd sound, feet aprouching she quickly jumped up and braided her hair and waited for someone to enter the cabin. Being the first to greet somebody is her favorite thing to do.
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Minor God's Behold
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