A literate roleplay that gives you the chance to enter life as a half-blood, satyr, or dryad and train to fight monsters and defeat Kronus.
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 Benny's Bunk

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PostSubject: Benny's Bunk   Benny's Bunk EmptyThu 25 Nov 2010, 11:23 pm

Benny walked into his cabin. The room was full of musical instruments, bows and arrows, sheet music..everything. Benny himself had his guitar. The son of Apollo sat on his bunk. It was unmade with blue sheets and a simple, white comforter. There were papers strewn around his bunk, most of them had song lyrics and chords on them. Benny rummaged through everything lazily. "Where is it?" he asked himself aloud. Quickly giving up trying to find his lastest song, he simply plucked at the strings absentmindedly.
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Benny's Bunk
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