A literate roleplay that gives you the chance to enter life as a half-blood, satyr, or dryad and train to fight monsters and defeat Kronus.
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 Ballot Box

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PostSubject: Ballot Box   Ballot Box EmptySat 27 Nov 2010, 2:07 am

At the entrance of the Hephaestus cabin there is a box decorated in hammers and forges. Written on the front is the phrase "Ballot Box". The time for cabin leader elections has finally arrived. Beside the ballot box is a pen and a stack of paper. Next to that is a sheet that has been pinned onto the wall above the box.
"You may submit your own name or the name of anyone else for the elections for cabin leader. Please write his/her full name and place it in the ballot box.
Thank you "
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PostSubject: Re: Ballot Box   Ballot Box EmptySat 27 Nov 2010, 12:43 pm

Tyler walked up to the ballot box slowly, chuckling softly. He quickly grabbed a piece of paper and wrote in his scrawly handwriting with the pencil provided:

Tyler Blazing

He slipped the paper into the ballot box and stepped back, admiring his cabin. He then turned on his heel and jogged toward the Mess Hall, awaiting dinner.

Carson Cloud, Son of Zeus - Tyler Blazing, Son of Hephaestus - Jonah Stevens, Son of Aphrodite - Cody Perennial, Son of Demeter
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Ballot Box
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