A literate roleplay that gives you the chance to enter life as a half-blood, satyr, or dryad and train to fight monsters and defeat Kronus.
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 Ballot Box

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PostSubject: Ballot Box   Ballot Box EmptySat 27 Nov 2010, 2:02 am

At the entrance of the Athena cabin there is a box decorated with an owl with many books surrounding it. Written on the front is the phrase "Ballot Box". The time for cabin leader elections has finally arrived. Beside the ballot box is a pen and a stack of paper. Next to that is a sheet that has been pinned onto the wall above the box.
"You may submit your own name or the name of anyone else for the elections for cabin leader. Please write his/her full name and place it in the ballot box.
Thank you "
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PostSubject: Re: Ballot Box   Ballot Box EmptySat 27 Nov 2010, 12:47 pm

Ashleigh fingered the golden pattern of greek letters forming the words, if directly translated into english, ballot box. She wondered, then, that if she were to be elected, would she be any good? Running through a list of good points in her head, she shoved the thought away; asking herself why she needed to even contemplate. Becoming a cabin leader would be a huge honor. Being able to serve that many people was something truly exhilarating. Not that she was a people person. Ashleigh did have people skills but they weren't exactly sunny or welcoming. Rather, she's very straightforward and prioritizes everything, making sure all jobs are well done and finished by the end of the day. She can, however, sympathize. But what good is it to have a pool of sympathy and not take action?

With no hesitation, Ashleigh dropped a neatly folded white paper with the name Ashleigh Trace in neat script into the ballot box.
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Ballot Box
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